Even though we are open 24 hours 6 days a week it is still vital to teaching our children at Children Are Our Future LLC throughout the day, with a solid foundation. Teach them important skills, values, and support them in becoming responsible, caring, and healthy adults.

The program we include at Children Are Our Future LLC is the TEA Required Curriculum includes: English Language, Arts, and Reading, Math, Science, P.E, Social Studies, etc.

Pearland location:

1. Baby Toddler: age- 18+ (1yr 5months) – The focus of our infant curriculum is to be age-appropriate and to stimulate learning. We recognize that rhythm and repetition are vital to children of this age to enhance their learning. We provide toys, materials and intact with them on the floor and it will be easy to manipulate and enjoyable for your child.

2. Toddler: age- 2-3 years old – Our toddlers’ classrooms are arranged in learning centers. Each center is designed to be fun and to enhance small and large motor skills, cognitive skills, and social/emotional development. Our curriculum includes songs, books, stories, finger-plays, and many other activities in a fun and age-appropriate ways to encourage pre-literacy skills. We encourage eye-hand coordination, the ability to follow directions, and the development of vocabulary.

3. Preschool: age- 4-5 years old – The Pre-kindergarten curriculum provides a strong foundation for all our children’s years in school. We provide them opportunities for learning in a calm, pleasant, and stimulating environment. Our teachers provide one-on-one assistance to any student as needed. We provide opportunities for children to question and express their curiosity, which results in developing confidence, independence, and high self-esteem. The classrooms provide nurturing, child-centered settings for children to master their language, math, science, social, and sensorial skills.

4. After schoolers: age – 6-13 years old- Our Afterschool programs are a safe environment where children can spend time with their friends before and after their school day. We pick up the children from school in the afternoon. Our programs provide a large variety of activities each day. We provide opportunities for homework and assist with it if necessary. Guardians can rest easily during school breaks knowing that their kid is protected and having a good time.

Schedule: 24 hours 6 days a week: Monday-Saturday Closed on Sunday’s
we will re-open back up on Monday’s at 5:00 AM if needed earlier please make arrangements with the Director and we will close Saturday’s at 11:00 p.m.

Parents can only use 12 hours a day because we have to rotate kids in and out. If you need more hours please meet with the director.