Children are our Future


Mary Brewster 
has been in the Child Care business since 1999. She started doing it in her home as a Registered Family Home/Licensed Home. Then she and her Husband Johnny Brewster decided to begin doing Foster Care, helping families with their children. Later on, they decided to Adopt some of our own.

In 2009, she eventually pursued her dream by opening up a 24-hour Daycare Center in Stafford Texas. Opening up her own Daycare Business and becoming a Foster Parent has been extremely rewarding and fulfilling. They love having a positive impact on children, giving our time, attention, love, and kindness to them and the community.

Want to open your own daycare center?

Mary’s consultant Services offer:

“How to open childcare training class” and annual training clock hours program

Even though we are open 24 hours 6 days a week it is still vital to teaching our children at Children Are Our Future LLC to do the day, with a solid foundation. Teach them important skills, values, and support them in becoming responsible, caring, and healthy adults.

The program we include in Children Is Our Future LLC is the TEA Required Curriculum includes: English Language, Arts, and Reading, Math, Science, P.E, Social Studies, etc.

1. Infant: age- 18+ (1yr 5months)

2. Toddler: age- 2-3 years old

3. Preschool: age- 4-5 years old

4. After schoolers: age

Schedule: 24 hours 6 days a week:
Monday-Friday 24 hours, open at 5:00 AM on Monday
Saturday 5:00 AM-10:00 PM
Closed for Sunday
Parents can only use 11 hours a day because we have to rotate kids in and out. If you need more hours please meet with the director.